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Whether you need a single cross-dock operation or end-to-end supply chain management, our scalable platforms and processes provide the exact solution you need with unrivaled efficiency.

Newkirk Logistics’ proven systems, technologies and talent deliver competitive advantages, increased profits and operational excellence to even the most complex supply chains.

Across industries and around the globe, we can help you secure and sustain a long-term competitive edge.

How can we help you improve?

Browse our full range of services, or contact a Newkirk specialist to build a plan around your business.

  • Air Freight
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Development & Fulfillment Services
  • Shipment Visibility, Tracking & Reporting
  • Cross-docking

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Air Freight

Whether price or speed is the issue, NEWKIRK arranges for consolidated air service and our experienced professionals are ready to route your goods to or from any place in the US.

Door-to-door capabilities are extended to our clients via our network and affiliates. With our unique reach, we have the resources to ensure smooth delivery to the final destination with tracking available to you throughout the journey via our network.

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Domestic Transportation

Time-definite trucking or ground transportation is an essential component of a total logistics service program, and NEWKIRK is committed to maintaining the highest performance standards in the industry. As an asset based company, we are selective in expanding our transportation service providers as needed.

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Warehousing & Distribution

NEWKIRK creates sustainable value for our customers’ supply chains through our global network, extensive menu of value-added services, sophisticated processes and on-site warehousing and distribution expertise. From basic in-and-out storage to high-volume pick and pack operations to warehouse design, NEWKIRK delivers targeted customized solutions to meet any logistics challenge.

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Supply Chain Development and Fulfillment Services

Getting the right product to the right place at the right time – and at the right price – means continually investing in an integrated logistics system, distribution facilities, IT systems and process expertise. By offering an integrated package of logistics solutions, our business model covers the entire supply chain from design, re- engineering and consulting through warehousing and transport services to integrated information management supported by our supply chain transparency system.

Shipment Visibility, Tracking & Reporting

NEWKIRK’s EDI platform, allows customers to manage their supply chain more effectively through the use of modern internet applications. Efficient and easy to use, the system delivers a full menu of services, including shipment booking and tracking, reporting, warehouse management and account service. It also includes an adaptive Warehouse Management System, (WMS) easy to tailor to individual customer requirements

Cross Docking

We specialize in Cross-docking, a practice in the logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, with little or no delay in between. This service is done to change the type of conveyance, to sort material intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different origins into transport vehicles (or containers) with the same destination or similar destinations.

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Sustainable Logistics for Leaner, Cleaner Operations

Newkirk Logistics is committed to the sustainability of our own operations and those of our customers. Sustainable logistics solutions from Newkirk can help you reduce your environmental impact while boosting your CSR efforts, your regulatory compliance, your efficiency, your brand and your competitive edge.

Green + Lean: A Natural Fit

Sustainable operations and Lean processes share the fundamental goal to minimize waste. And though waste has many definitions, we believe that companies striving to be leaner, are already on their way to becoming greener.

We have participated in SmartWay®, a strategic partnership with the EPA that challenges shipping and logistics companies to collect, benchmark and report quantifiable emissions data, recognizing those that show improvement and demonstrate leadership in the field.

Newkirk Logistics: A Natural Partner

At Newkirk, we’ve made our company more sustainable and helped numerous clients do the same. And along the way, we’ve learned that the benefits of doing so are not just reserved for the future. Contact us to discuss how sustainable logistics can improve your business today..

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