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Win More Customers and Reduce Supply Chain Costs: We’ll Show You How

What defines success in the retail & consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector? An excellent customer experience, quick speed to market and the right balance between inventory levels and order fill rates.

Newkirk Logistics can help you hit all the marks with dedicated and multi-client distribution centers, transportation management tools and retail-focused warehouse services that will optimize your efficiency and increase your market share.

Our Retail & Consumer Services:

  • Distribution center management
  • Transportation management
  • DC-bypass/cross-docking
  • e-Fulfillment
  • Store-to-door delivery
  • Specialized packaging and handling
  • Returns management and refurbishment
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Network design
  • Value-added services

Newkirk Logistics: A Natural Partner

At Newkirk, we’ve made our company more sustainable and helped numerous clients do the same. And along the way, we’ve learned that the benefits of doing so are not just reserved for the future. Contact us to discuss how sustainable logistics can improve your business today..

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