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Newkirk Logistics provides the most dependable and professional truckload carrier service throughout North America.

As part of Newkirk Logistics, our truckload service is a leading provider of expedited, time-definite full-truckload transportation services across North America.

Newkirk Logistics asset-based operations provide industry-leading capacity and consistently superior, on-time performance. The company provides full-truckload transportation serving the transcontinental shipping needs of commercial and industrial businesses.

Newkirk Logistics Truckload technology is superior to others.

Satellite tracking and proprietary computer software gives us a rolling ETA so we always know where your shipment is. You can access the status of your freight online which allows customers to:

Anticipating the details.

Newkirk Logistics pays attention to details that others might overlook.

  • Our dispatchers continuously monitor weather conditions. If there are storms in your area, we will reschedule pickups to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Continuous system information updates allow for fleet managers to quickly know if a change in scheduling is required.
  • If a bill of lading is different than planned, our drivers are trained to alert Newkirk Logistics of any changes and a customer service representative will call you to verify the correct information before the load is dispatched.

International Expertise.

Newkirk Logistics offers through-trailer service to and from Mexico, in addition to providing service to and from Canada.

Mexico is an important market for Newkirk Logistics and our customers. Our bilingual service representatives are ready to answer your questions and provide assistance in either English or Spanish. Further more, we have alliances in various Asian markets that we offer services to. To speak with a Laos or Thai representative email us here.

Emphasis on Safety.

Our Safety department focuses on continuous training and awareness to make safety a priority throughout our company. Newkirk Logistics is committed to safety and providing our employees with the proper training as required by OSHA.