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Logistics Solutions: For Speed, Security and Reliability When It Matters Most

Health care is in so many ways a dynamic environment, with regulatory, security and quality standards changing all the time.

That’s why Newkirk Logistics offers a full suite of supply chain solutions to hospitals, health systems, medical device manufacturers and other health care-focused operations. By partnering with Menlo for logistics, you can increase your working capital, drive value and ultimately improve the quality of patient care.

Health System Solutions that Improve Services and Deliver Savings

Are you considering self-distribution to streamline your procurement process? Newkirk’s expertise in Lean solutions can help you get there, while reducing costs and improving service. Together, we can help you achieve:

  • Better control — Reduce costs and increase efficiency using Lean processes that eliminate waste, remove excess inventory and maximize your distribution resources
  • Improved service — Achieve rapid-response delivery and better supply chain visibility by consolidating orders and streamlining transportation
  • Price and product standardization — Stabilize consumable pricing and quality, exert tighter supply chain control and stay within expected guidelines such as ACA by working directly with manufacturers
  • Reduced costs — Realize substantial savings over the distributor model by establishing direct manufacturer relationships and earning volume discounts
Flawless Execution for Medical Equipment Supply Chains

From high-volume consumables to expensive machinery, medical equipment manufacturers need supply chain solutions that are customized to the niches they serve.

Newkirk’s Lean distribution strategies deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed and allow for tracking every step of the way. With our stringent security processes and eye for compliance, you can rest assured that your products will reach their destinations in the same condition they left your facilities.

Let Newkirk design and develop supply chain solutions for your health care or medical device needs. Contact one of our health care logistics specialists today.

Newkirk Logistics: A Natural Partner

At Newkirk, we’ve made our company more sustainable and helped numerous clients do the same. And along the way, we’ve learned that the benefits of doing so are not just reserved for the future. Contact us to discuss how sustainable logistics can improve your business today..

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