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The Tools and Knowledge to Unlock Your Automotive Supply Chain's Potential

The assembly line. Kaizen workshops. Just-in-time production. The methodologies we employ at Newkirk Logistics have deep roots in automotive.

Augmented by years of innovation and technology, the solutions we provide to the industry today can bring you to the pinnacle of productivity.

Automotive supply chains are among the most complex and demanding of any industry. Newkirk Logistics’ team of automotive industry veterans understands that maintaining a synchronous flow of goods along your entire supply chain — from raw materials, to parts, to final assembly and distribution — isn’t just optimal, it’s critical.

We use that knowledge daily to design and deploy customized solutions that maximize supply chain visibility and control for a variety of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

From inbound logistics to aftermarket parts distribution, we can help you…

Newkirk Logistics: A Natural Partner

At Newkirk, we’ve made our company more sustainable and helped numerous clients do the same. And along the way, we’ve learned that the benefits of doing so are not just reserved for the future. Contact us to discuss how sustainable logistics can improve your business today..

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